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You’re sitting on the couch, cuddling and enjoying the new movie with your SO. Everything seems OK, but suddenly, her phone beeps a notification. She runs to the other room to have a talk.

If this sounds like your daily scenario, you are probably thinking of signs she’s cheating over text, but at the same time, you can’t tell whether your concerns are valid. Well, we are your service.

Online cheating is not a myth anymore; it has become a common issue in modern relationships. A recent survey from Statista found that 50% of U.S. adults who have used dating apps are in a committed relationship. We don’t want your relationship to become a statistic, so our post covers signs of texting over texts and how to deal with it.

What Is Considered Cheating?

Defining texting as cheating depends on the lenses through which you choose to look at it. The fear of losing someone you love forces us to turn a blind eye to their actions. 

However, deep down, we know that they are deceitful.

So, how to tell if someone is cheating over text? Here are 7 scenarios where your girlfriend’s behavior definitely crosses the red line:

  1. She flirts over text or hints at meeting in person.
  2. She talks about intimate topics with someone else.
  3. She’s sexting with someone else.
  4. She shares nudes or revealing pictures.
  5. She hides her relationship status.
  6. She obsessively texts someone else.
  7. She compliments random strangers she’s attracted to online.

20 Signs She’s Cheating Over Text

how to tell if someone is cheating over text

Cheaters go to great lengths to control their actions when you’re around. But, small slip-ups or subconscious behaviors eventually give them away. If you wonder how to know if your girlfriend is cheating over text, look for these 20 telling signs of cheating over text:

#1 She’s Texting 24/7

If your girlfriend is constantly glued to her phone texting somebody and seems more interested in virtual conversations than in the time you spend together, something’s definitely off.

#2 She Always Places Her Phone Face Down

Following your gaze to flip her phone over quickly is odd. Your GF definitely doesn’t want others (and you) to see what’s on her screen.

#3 She Has Enabled Private Notifications

One of the simplest ways how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating over text is by checking her notifications. If they have never been blurred, but now you can’t see their content, then she has definitely enabled privacy mode. Again, it’s a prevention from getting caught.

#4 She Deletes Her Texts

Deleting text messages to free up phone memory is so yesterday, no one does it anymore. If your girlfriend explains her empty chat threads by saying that she’s cleaning up her phone, you might want to take a closer look. 

#5 She’s Texting at Unusual Hours

She doesn’t text all day. Instead, she picks a specific time to do it. Your girlfriend texting other guys if she does it when you go to bed or leave your house. This is quite shady, isn’t it?

#6 She Uses Cheating Text Message Codes

Cheaters have their secret language that resembles a random sequence of characters and numbers. Something like “SX at 8” could mean meeting someone at 8 for sex. 

#7 She Changes Her Texting Style

Close people reflect each other’s texting styles. Sudden changes in her manner of texting might be a sign she talks to someone else quite often and subconsciously mimics their word choice.

how to tell if your girlfriend is texting another guy

#8 She’s Always Texting the Same Person

How to tell if your girlfriend is cheating over text? If her social circle is limited to people of the opposite (or the one she’s attracted to) sex, then alarming bells are ringing, especially when she’s texting the same person a lot. 

#9 She Uses Cheating Messaging Apps

Some messengers are more convenient for cheating than others. WhatsApp and Snapchat let users exchange self-destructing messages, for example. If your GF’s apps of choice are one of these platforms, it’s time to ask her why she’s so security-minded when it comes to her messages.

#10 She’s Evasive When You Try to Bring It Up

Whenever you bring up the topic of cheating over texts, she brushes it off. Even if you’re just dropping a hint, she instinctively pushes your questions away. 

#11 She Sets Personal Sound Notifications

Customizing the notification sounds on your phone makes it easy to hear when your close people are texting you. That’s how to know if a girl is cheating on you through text without reading messaging history.

#12 She Avoids Direct Answers About Who She’s Texting

Honest GF has no problems telling you who she’s speaking with and why. If she’s cagey when answering questions about her conversations, that’s a red flag.

#13 She Has Disabled Her “Last Seen” Status

If you can’t see when she is “online,” she might hide her activity from you by tweaking privacy settings.

#14 Her Mood Is Always Different After Texting

Sudden mood swings after texting indicate her excitement about talking to somebody else. She might also become nervous or irritable if you question her too much. 

#15 She Seems Distant in Her Texts

If she texts somebody a lot, but you receive brief responses, it means she is not engaged in your conversation. She might be more focused on the other person than you.

#16 She’s Secretive About Her Computer

Her PC stores the message backups, so she keeps it away from you to avoid getting caught.

#17 She Renames Her Contacts

If you see strange names on her chat thread that doesn’t match the context of the conversation, then it’s likely you may catch your girlfriend texting other guys.

#18 She Avoids Texting When You’re Around

If you have never expressed your concerns about her phone addictions, but she reflexively hides her phone when you’re around, that’s a red flag.

#19 She Takes Her Phone Everywhere, Even in the Bathroom

She does everything not to leave her phone with you in one room. 

#20 She’s Overprotective of Her Phone

If your GF overreacts whenever you take her phone or ask her to show it to you, then she’s scared of you seeing something that she doesn’t want you to.

Top 3 Apps to Catch Her Cheating

Connecting the dots between your suspicions and reality is hard when you don’t have solid evidence. These 3 apps will help you answer the question: “How to know she’s texting another guy behind my back?”



Introducing Spynger, the advanced monitoring app that can uncover the truth about your GF’s activities. Once you sync it to her device, it will dig out the info from her phone in real-time, including:

  • Sent and received messages with timestamps and contact information
  • Deleted messages
  • Chats on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, KIK and Tinder
  • Shared photos and videos
  • Passwords

So, how to know if your girlfriend is cheating over text? Create your account on, set up the app, and log into your Control Panel. It’s really that simple.



Haqerra takes things up a notch by offering some advanced features you can use to catch your GF red-handed. Screen recorder is particularly useful as it allows you to take screenshots of her activities and keep a record of everything. 

And if you think that she might notice Haqerra, think again. The app runs in incognito mode, so your GF won’t even realize she’s being watched.


remote conrol cell phone with moniterro

If you don’t want bells and whistles and just want to read your GF’s texts, Moniterro is the way to go. Users praise its sync speed because you receive updates immediately whenever your target sends or receives new messages. 

To top it off, Moniterro generates activity reports. You can see who texts and calls her the most and how much time she spends on her phone without notifying her. Moniterro runs invisibly in the background of the target device.

How to Deal with Texting Cheating in Relationships

Now that you know how to tell if your girlfriend is texting another guy, let’s move on to an action plan that will help you deal with the aftermath of cheating:

  1. Take some time to let your emotions cool down and plan your conversation.
  2. Before confronting your GF, give her a chance to explain herself. If she refuses to talk, tell her about your findings.
  3. Decide whether you both can work on a relationship or not.
  4. If you’re on the same page about staying together, set texting boundaries among others.
  5. Consider individual or couple therapy. 

Bottom Line: How to Know if Your Girlfriend is Cheating Over Text

At this point, you might be hesitant to make any major decisions. But you deserve to live your best life with a faithful partner who values your relationship and doesn’t seek attention elsewhere. 
If the signs she’s cheating over text have become your new reality, you can easily confirm or dispel your suspicions. Monitoring apps will pull out her chat history in a matter of minutes. This way, you can rely on facts, not assumptions.

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