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Mobile phones have become vital communication tools that allow people from all walks of life to interact with ease. Apart from making phone calls, these handy devices are used to send text messages and browse the Internet. That’s why more than 7.3 billion people across the globe own a mobile device.

Despite their numerous perks, these gadgets can easily get stolen or misplaced. Learning how to locate my wife’s phone can certainly come in handy during those moments when she can’t remember where she placed it. In this article, we’ll discuss how to find your wife’s phone using some effective tools.

Why Would You Need to Track Your Wife’s Phone?

You might be wondering: can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing? It’s certainly possible to achieve this feat using the right software. Let’s discuss why you’d need to track your wife’s device.

  1. To Keep Her Safe

The primary role of every married man is to protect his family. Tracking your wife’s device allows you to keep tabs on her whereabouts when she’s not at home. This sweet gesture can also put your mind at ease knowing she’s not wandering into dangerous neighborhoods.

  1. To Discover If She’s Cheating

If you suspect that your significant other is cheating, the best way to know for sure is by checking her phone. Perhaps she has become passive-aggressive towards you for whatever reason, or maybe her grooming habits have changed dramatically. Once you start noticing such undeniable signs of infidelity, tracking her phone might help clear the air.

  1. To Figure Out What Secrets She’s Hiding

If your wife has been planning a huge surprise for your special occasion, viewing her messages and notes can help relieve your rising anxiety. I would happily track my wife’s phone without her knowledge if it could help me discover what plans she’s scheming behind my back.

Can I Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing It Legally?

Before you start spying on your partner’s phone, it’s important to consider the legal and ethical implications of your decision. Tracking other people’s phones without their consent is considered to be ethically immoral by most people in society.

If your wife found out that you were monitoring her phone activity, she’d probably lose your trust and demand for a separation. Trust forms the foundation of every strong relationship – once lost, it’s difficult to get it back.

However, it’s not against the law to track your wife if she consented to be monitored or you own the device in question. It’s important to note that some states have stringent privacy laws that prevent citizens from obtaining other people’s confidential data without their knowledge.

Track Your Wife’s Phone Location by Number

So, how can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing for free? Scannero can certainly come in handy. This solution allows users to track their loved one’s phone using their number alone.


With Scannero, you simply need to enter your wife’s phone number and the platform’s powerful search engine will do the rest. Impressively, you can locate any phone type regardless of its geographical location or network carrier.

Unlike most tracking tools that require installation on the target device, Scannero is a web-based solution that doesn’t need any download.

Let’s discuss how to find your wife’s phone using

  • Go to on your PC browser
  • Create an account and choose your preferred plan
  • Insert your wife’s phone number on the blank field and click “Locate”
  • Send her a message that contains a tracking link
  • Wait for your wife to click on the link
  • View her real-time location on an easy-to-read map

That’s how easy it is to monitor your partner’s device using Scannero.

Benefits of Using Spy Apps to Track a Wife’s Cell Phone

If you’re contemplating whether it’s a good idea to spy on your wife’s phone, here are a few benefits that you could accrue from this endeavor:

  1. Spy Apps Provide Accurate Location Details

If your partner says she’s at her “best friend’s” house for drinks at 9 pm, checking her device location using a reliable spy app can help you confirm whether she’s telling the truth. Such apps are designed to pinpoint the exact location of a target device, giving you a clear picture of your wife’s location throughout the day.

  1. You Can Check Her Messenger Apps

Tracking apps can conveniently allow me to track my wife’s phone for free and view every message she sends or receives on WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder, Facebook and an assortment of instant messaging apps. This keeps me informed on who she’s flirting with behind my back.

  1. Tracking Her Online Activity

Are you curious to know who your wife is obsessed with on Instagram or what she discusses with her Facebook buddies? Installing a discreet spy app on her phone will help you unearth every secret that’s hidden therein. You can even view her browser history, shared photos and more.

  1. Controlling Her Device Remotely

If things start getting too hot to handle, you can block certain websites and apps that your wife uses regularly. For instance, if she suddenly starts expressing a romantic interest towards her Tinder date, a superior spy app should provide the option to block her Tinder account with immediate effect.

How to Find My Wife’s Phone? Top 3 Apps

There are certain apps that you can use to monitor your spouse’s device without making them suspicious. Here are the 3 best tracking apps in the market today:

1. Spynger

track phone with spynger

Spynger is a superb tracking app that contains numerous spying features to help you discover whether your wife is cheating. This app comes with a built-in GPS location tracker that reveals her whereabouts in real time.

This particular feature also allows you to track her past locations, giving you a birds-eye view of where she’s been during the week. You also receive prompt notifications each time your wife enters or leaves some predetermined regions.

Spynger’s Main Features:

  • Accurate GPS location tracking
  • Social media monitoring
  • Keylogging and browser history viewing
  • Works in stealth mode to help you cover your tracks

2. Moniterro

track cell phone location moniterro

Learning how to track my wife’s phone calls and texts for free can certainly prove useful if I’m worried about her well-being. Luckily, using a dependable spy app such as Moniterro can help me discover what’s hidden inside her device.

Moniterro is a powerful phone monitoring app that’s equipped with a GPS location tracking feature. You can secretly keep tabs on your wife’s real-time coordinates and discover where she’s been all day using this incredible app.

Establishing prohibited and permitted zones on a map allows you to get updated every time she enters or exits those boundaries. This handy functionality is known as geo-fencing.

Moniterro’s Main Features:

  • Screen recording and keylogging
  • Precise geolocation tracking
  • SMS and social media spying
  • Call log and browser history monitoring

3. mSpy

mspy GPS location tracking

mSpy is yet another bespoke spy app that provides a plethora of tracking features to help you safeguard your loved ones. This app has an accurate GPS phone tracker that can triangulate the location of any target device and provide its precise coordinates on a map.

If you’re wondering where they spent their time, mSpy provides a detailed route history complete with date and time info. The details you gather should paint a clear picture of their past and real-time location.

mSpy’s Main Features

  • Website/app blocking and Wi-Fi network alerts
  • GPS location tracking and geo-fencing
  • Social media monitoring
  • SMS and email tracking
  • Call logs and contacts viewing

How to Track My Wife’s Cell Phone Location for Free?

You’re probably asking: how can I track my wife’s phone without having to use my hard-earned money? Well, here are a few methods you can try.

1. Using Google Maps

Google Maps is a reputable navigation app that comes pre-installed on most Android phones. This service can help you discover your wife’s whereabouts if location sharing is turned on.

To find her device using Google Maps, simply gain physical access to her device and launch the app. Next, click on options and activate Location Sharing. Finally, send the location tracking link to your number.

find my wife's phone

Unfortunately, this method is risky since your wife will get a notification that her device location is being shared.

2. Apple iCloud and “Find My”

You’re an iOS user and don’t know how to find your wife’s phone? Apple also has a distinct location tracking app known as “Find My” that allows family members to view your real-time location whenever they wish. To use this service, their location sharing settings must first be activated.

The advantage of this method is its ability to track lost iPhones with ease. However, you need to be on Wi-Fi for it to work. You can also log into your wife’s iCloud account (if you know her credentials) and access her phone’s location in real time.

3. Google Location Services

Alternatively, you could download a tracking app called Find My Device and use it to track your wife’s cell phone location for free. Once downloaded, sign in using her Google credentials and you’ll be able to view her whereabouts on a map.

Despite being a free service, your wife might get an alert from Google notifying her that she’s being tracked. This alert could then prompt her to turn off location settings on her phone.


Learning how you can find your wife’s phone location comes with an assortment of benefits. Not only are you able to protect her from online fraudsters, but you also get ample peace of mind knowing that she’s not cheating on you. After months of trials and testing, we’d highly recommend using Spynger, Moniterro or mSpy for all your tracking needs.

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