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Social media provides a vast array of benefits, such as facilitating healthy interactions and reuniting old friends. However, these platforms are also used to propagate infidelity. Instagram DM cheating refers to sending private messages to someone from Instagram with the aim of igniting a clandestine affair with them. If your partner spends hours on IG, there’s a slight possibility that they could be cheating.

Learning how to see someone’s Instagram messages can help you ascertain whether or not your significant other is having an affair. If you have kids, it’s important to safeguard them from online fraudsters by checking their IG accounts frequently.

What Is Instagram Cheating?

This term refers to having an affair with someone you regularly interact with on Instagram. Remember, cheating can either be physical or emotional. If your partner constantly flirts with a ‘best friend’ they found on IG, they cheat on you emotionally because they choose to entertain that person instead of you.

Physical infidelity, on the other hand, is a deeper form of cheating that involves having sex with someone other than your partner. There are several reasons that could prompt your significant other to have an affair. Perhaps they possess an unusually high sexual appetite that you can’t satisfy or they feel emotionally distant from you.

Whatever the case, knowing how to catch a cheater on Instagram allows you to discover whether your boyfriend is unfaithful. Make sure you’re familiar with spotting all the telltale signs of cheating so that you’re always aware of what’s happening in your relationship.

how to catch someone cheating on instagram

15 Signs of Cheating on Instagram

If you’re unsure of whether your partner is having an affair, there are several Instagram cheating signs that you need to check. These include:

  1. They post numerous photos of themselves – people who don’t mind cheating will readily post drool-worthy pictures of themselves to show others just how attractive they are.
  2. They are secretive and overprotective of their device – cheaters will try their best to conceal their activities from you. For instance, they will constantly set new unlock passcodes and scold you whenever you go through their phone.
  3. They use Instagram during odd hours – if your partner normally scrolls through IG at 3 a.m. or they spend countless hours on the platform, then chances are they’re cheating.
  4. They laugh and giggle when using their phones – it’s not uncommon to chuckle when you view something amusing on social media. However, you should share it with your partner and not keep it a secret.
  5. They keep their phone on silent mode – a cheating boyfriend will silence their device to avoid making you suspicious every time they receive a new IG message. 
  6. They keep on adding new ‘followers’ – does your partner’s list of Instagram followers keep on increasing by the day? To add insult to injury, all his new friends are attractive. If you notice this trend, then you should be very worried.
  7. Ignoring your comments, posts and untagging you from photos – if they were truly concerned about your feelings, they wouldn’t shy away from expressing their undying love for you on IG.
  8. They only follow people of the opposite sex – your partner could put you on the back burner by exclusively adding friends of the opposite gender. It’s a huge red flag that shouldn’t go unnoticed. 
  9. You two don’t hang out as often as before – if he has been canceling plans and spending less time with you lately, then it’s time you found out who the other woman is.
  10. They’re always on their phone – they might claim to be addicted to their devices, but upon further inspection, you’ll discover one or more secret lovers in their Instagram DMs.
  11. Adopting new fashion, grooming or dieting habits – if your partner suddenly gets ‘motivated’ to work out, dress nicely and eat mindfully, then you might need to check his Instagram cheating messages immediately.
  12. They haven’t set clear boundaries – if your spouse doesn’t mind flirting with Instagram friends, then it means he’s cheating on you. Ensure you talk to him about setting strict boundaries with strangers.
  13. Sudden behavior changes – your boyfriend could suddenly start coming home late from work, lying about where he’s been or getting irritated over small issues. These warning signs could point to infidelity.
  14. You feel abandoned and unappreciated – does your partner prioritize other things over you? Maybe you feel like you’re competing for his attention. If that’s the case, you certainly need to find out who they’re seeing.
  15. They are less attentive to your needs – you may sometimes feel neglected like you don’t matter, mainly because your needs aren’t being met. It’s vital to discuss this pertinent issue with your spouse.

How to Catch a Cheater on Instagram?

Learning how to catch someone cheating on Instagram requires some prowess. Luckily, this skill is easy to master. Here are a few ways you can gather evidence of their IG cheating:

  • Multiple Cheating Accounts. If they own two or more active Instagram accounts, then they could be using them to chat with several love interests. Going through their phone when they’re distracted can help you figure out whether they have several accounts.
  • Tagged Photos. You can quickly identify whether they’re cheating by viewing their tagged photos. If one particular friend tags them on multiple pictures, then it’s possible they’re having an affair.
  • Last Active Status. Checking the last time your boyfriend logged into IG can provide vital clues on whether he’s cheating. If he is always online or active during strange hours, there’s every reason to worry. Make sure you engage in a candid conversation with him in case this matter disturbs you.
how to see who my wife is messaging on instagram
  • Covertly Monitor Passwords. If your partner is cheating on Instagram, you can secretly track his passwords and log into his IG account remotely. Once you’ve gained access, check his DMs for any weird or romantic messages.
  • Access Password Through a Password Manager. Installing a password manager can prove useful if you’re looking to read his Instagram cheating messages. The software you choose should operate discreetly to avoid spooking your partner.
  • Find Their Saved Passwords. If you’re aware of where he stores his passwords, you could consider hacking into his storage location and retrieving all those login credentials. Hopefully, you’ll find lots of damning messages once you’ve accessed his Instagram account.
  • Hack Their Account. There are several ways you can infiltrate his IG account. First, you could hire a professional hacker to gain access to his profile. If you’re on a tight budget, try using different phishing techniques to coax him into submitting his Instagram credentials.
  • Use Spying Apps. This method is arguably the most effective if you’d like to catch your husband messaging another woman on Instagram. There are several spy apps that are highly recommended for couples – these have been discussed in greater detail below.

How to See Someone’s Instagram Messages With Spy Apps?

You might be wondering: how can I see who my boyfriend interacts with on Instagram? Fortunately, you can utilize a variety of tracking apps to achieve this purpose.

Let’s discover how to see someone’s Instagram messages using the 5 best spy apps.

1. Spynger

spynger instagram spy

Spynger is a brilliant phone monitoring app that’s equipped with a plethora of tracking features. It is regarded as one of the best cheater spy apps in the market.

Spynger comes with an Instagram spy feature that offers you a birds-eye view of their entire IG activity. You can read their private DMs and view their chat history from the comfort of your own device. If they exchange romantic or sexually explicit texts with other people, you’ll certainly know about it.

This app also reveals all photos and videos that your partner shares with other people on IG. You can scroll through their multimedia gallery as you review every piece of Instagram cheating evidence that’s hidden there.

You will also get the timestamps of each message and view recipient details. The information you gather can help you discover who exactly they’re chatting with and when they converse.

2. Moniterro

moniterro instagram tracker

Learning how to see who my wife is messaging on Instagram just got easier with Moniterro. This app comes with a powerful Instagram Tracker that lets you check all the photos and video clips that your spouse shares with other people on Instagram.

If they’ve been cheating with someone on Instagram, Moniterro will quickly let you know. It discloses your target user’s private chats, revealing all their juicy contents discreetly. You’ll also get accurate timestamps to get a better idea of their messaging history.

If you’re worried about the type of people your partner follows on IG, Moniterro can provide you with their full list of followers for your review. This info will help you comprehend whether your husband has too many female friends or vice versa.

Apart from spying on Instagram, Moniterro also provides social media monitoring, GPS location tracking, screen recording and keylogging among others.

3. mSpy

mspy instagram tracker

One of the best Instagram hacks for cheating involves utilizing a top-rated spy app such as mSpy. This particular app comes equipped with a superb Instagram tracker that helps users protect their children from digital predators. It can also help adults to check whether their partners are cheating.

mSpy provides unrestricted access to their sent and received messages, allowing you to check for any evidence of cheating. This app also reveals who they’re talking to and when each message was sent. You can view the recipient’s contact info with remarkable ease.

In case your partner shares a naughty photo, an erotic video or a suspicious link, mSpy will definitely reveal it to you. Checking such content can help you gather ample evidence of their infidelity in case you want to file for divorce.

To cap it all off, mSpy comes with a built-in GPS tracker that lets you know their whereabouts throughout the day. Users can set ‘safe’ and ‘dangerous’ zones on a map to ensure they receive prompt alerts every time their target user enters or leaves those zones.

mSpy is an excellent tracking solution that’s designed with a social media monitor, SMS viewer, browsing history checker, keylogger, call log viewer and more.

4. Haqerra

hack instagram with haqerra

Haqerra’s ability to hack into any device within a few minutes sets it apart from its competitors. This app allows users to effortlessly hack Instagram and get access to a variety of information without being detected.

You might be wondering: how can I see what my husband looks at on Instagram? With Haqerra, viewing another person’s Instagram reels, stories and published content feels like a walk in the park. Better yet, you don’t need any hacking skills to access this information.

This app also helps you read their direct messages remotely. You can conveniently review each chat conversation and assess whether it contains suggestive messages. Haqerra’s powerful code makes it possible to hack any type of phone and access its contents within a short period.

Apart from providing access to someone else’s Instagram account, Haqerra comes with a browser history checker, gallery viewer, GPS location tracker, social media monitor, call log tracker and SMS spy, just to mention a few.

5. Phonsee

phonsee instagram message viewer

Phonsee is a discreet spy app that can run undetected on a target device. It’s available on both iOS and Android devices. Part of Phonsee’s huge appeal is its ability to reveal another person’s Instagram direct messages.

Whatever they talk about on IG, you’ll know about it. Phonsee unearths all secrets that are hidden away in all those nooks and crannies of your partner’s Instagram account, helping to shed light on their interactions.

This app allows you to keep a close eye on all videos and photos that your target user posts or shares. You can scroll through their messages to view timestamps and check the true identity of the recipient.

Apart from Instagram, Phonsee monitors a wide variety of social media apps and messengers. These include Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Kik, Tinder and iMessage.


Learning how to catch a cheater on Instagram is vital for every adult who is in a relationship. After all, the love you give deserves to be reciprocated. Once you discover that your partner has been cheating on Instagram all along, make sure you have enough proof of his infidelity before confronting him with sober judgment. His reaction should help you make an informed decision on the way forward.

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